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As part of our commitment to ensuring Sim Racing remains freely accessible to everybody at all levels, the LED profiles available have a 'basic' FREE version to download below, shown as 'Download' links. In addition to the FREE downloads, a number of 'advanced' versions of the profiles are available to download exclusively to Daniel Newman Racing members. These are shown below as 'Member Download' links. More information about the Daniel Newman Racing membership can be found on the DNR Members page. More information about what both the 'basic' FREE and 'advanced' PAID versions include can be seen via the profile features button below.

RPMs LED Profiles

Wheel Button LED Profiles

  • Cube Controls F-Pro - (Version 3.3.2)Download
  • Cube Controls CSX3 - (Version 3.3.2)Download
  • GSI X29 - (Version 3.3.2)Download
  • GSI Hyper SL - (Version 3.3.3)Download
  • GSI Hyper P1 - (Version 3.3.5)Download
  • Rexing Mayaris 2 - (Version 3.3.3)Download
  • Ascher Artura Ultimate - (Version 3.3.2)Download
  • Ascher Artura Pro - (Version 3.3.2)Download
  • Ascher Artura Sport - (Version 3.3.2)Download
  • Simagic GT Neo - (Version 3.3.1)Download

Note: where Wheel Button profiles include SIMPLE & ADVANCED versions in the download file, SIMPLE will fit ANY button layout, ADVANCED must be used with the button layout illustrated in the image of the download file.

Button Box LED Profiles

  • Precision Sim Engineering Pro Switch Panel - (Version 3.3.6)Download
  • Box One Racing - X1 Button Box - (Version 3.3.1)Download

Matrix Flag Box LED Profiles

  • 8 X 8 Matrix Flag Box - SINGLE (Version 3.4)Member Download (Exclusive to Members)
  • 8 X 8 Matrix Flag Box - PAIR (Version 3.4)Member Download (Exclusive to Members)

'Eyebrow' LED Profiles

Ambient Light Profiles

  • Ambient Light Bars - PAIR (Version 3.4.1)Member Download (Exclusive to Members)

Special Thanks

Special and noteable mentions should be made to Nico Klaes for his extensive and ongoing collaborations at Daniel Newman Racing. Nico has offered his support to the project since its early inception, and remains heavily involed in all aspects of development.

Additional thanks to 'Alex N' for his technical wisdom, and Yoep De Ligt, for his input and devotion to the iRacing data.