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Feature List

The Daniel Newman Racing LED profiles are PACKED with some of the most advanced features available to enable you to hit the track with everything you could possibly need to get yourself onto the podium. Proudly, and no matter how many devices you use, DNR profiles will work harmoniously together, delivering the absolute best user experience and enabling LED syncronisation across your entire Simulator.

Committed to keeping Sim Racing accessible to all, both a 'basic' FREE version and an 'advanced' PAID MEMBERSHIP version of the RPMs profile is available to download. Shown below is a more elaborate explanation and list of features included within the DNR ecosystem, and what both the options will provide you. Have fun!

Free 'Basic' Profile Features

Note: The 'basic' FREE profiles offered by Daniel Newman Racing ensure that advanced LED functionality remains accessible to all. Given its FREE nature, this unpaid version does not have an update release cycle and is unlikely to feature from any signifant development. For updates and future feature additions, please consider the PAID membership version listed further down this page.

Generic RPMs



Pit Lane Assists

Engine Start Animations

Drag Reduction System (DRS)

Brake Force Blink

Low Fuel

Easy Profile Customisation

Profile ‘Harmony’

iRacing Specific RPMs

Paid 'Advanced' Membership ONLY Profile Features

In ADDITION to all of the exciting features above, Daniel Newman Racing members can also take advantage of the following:

Assetto Corsa Competitizone specific RPMs - MEMBERS ONLY VERSION

Le Mans Ultimate specific RPMs - MEMBERS ONLY VERSION


Automatic Day/Night Mode switching - MEMBERS ONLY VERSION

Lovely Dashboard Integration - MEMBERS ONLY VERSION