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The Daniel Newman Racing LED profiles have a whole range of customisable options. To make this as simple as possible for the end user, all you need to do is use the tool below to select the options you wish to use and press "Download File".

The downloaded file can then be inserted into the ./Simhub/JavascriptExtensions/ folder. Full instructions can be found on the getting started page.

Copy the configuration file to your Simhub/JavascripExtensions folder

The settings file and this configurator include options and settings for DDU/Wheel layouts, Wheel Buttons, Button Boxes and Flag Matrix displays. This allows for a single settings file to operate your entire LED library. If any of these devices are not relevant to you, you can leave the values default.

Ensure after you upload a settings file OR make any changes to an existing file, that you RESTART SimHub for the changes to take effect.

Generate a new settings file to customise your experience or update your existing file, with the quick and easy to use Configurator tool below.

Start a new file

Or, edit an existing file